Top 4 Hottest NFT Games in 2022

Thanks to blockchain and other cryptocurrencies and digital assets, you can now earn cryptocurrency playing some of the most popular new NFT games.

NFT games allow players to earn crypto by winning battles or tournaments or selling in-game assets on NFT markets for profit.

If this sounds like a hobby you want to take on, keep reading to discover the 4 hottest NFT games that let players earn crypto in 2022.

Race Master

Race Master is a blockchain-based NFT racing game featuring a live two-player PvP on the track. When the player wins, they will receive the token. The NFT car collection will be available in limited numbers and editions, increasing rarity as the collection advances. Furthermore, this game allows players to earn through rewards, tournaments and market trading.

Race Master possesses more innovative gameplay than other NFT racing games to provide users with the ultimate gaming experience. Therefore, the image of the game will be of the highest quality. Race Master features support players to have an enjoyable “combat” experience. In the game, players can communicate with each other.

Additionally, Race Master features a “Marketplace” mode, where riders can purchase NFT mystery boxes for a chance to win new cars and gears. Besides, Race Master also comes with a marketplace for racers to buy and sell their gear and cars. Players also get a garage, where other gamers can purchase virtual land properties.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based blockchain game featuring adorable creatures called Axies that launched in 2018. No two Axies are alike. Each type is unique, with strengths and weaknesses based on its genes.

There are over 500 body parts for Axie, which means the player has an infinite number of body part combinations to use. Types of Axies include Monsters, Plants, Bugs, Reptiles, Aquatic and Birds, and these virtual creatures can be common, rare, extremely rare, or legendary.

The objective of this game is to breed, raise and fight the Axies. You can also trade Axies in the market with other players.

Furthermore, the game allows players to earn Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) tokens while playing. AXS is an in-game governance token that gives players the right to vote on important decisions. It also acts as a currency on the Axie market. Soon, game players will have the opportunity to bet AXS and get more tokens.

F1 Delta Time

F1 Delta Time is an Ethereum NFT game for Formula 1 fans. In the game, the player collects unique cars, drivers and components that exist as NFTs in the game. Each token has a set of statistics that affect the performance of the car or driver. The game also features an ERC-20 token called REVV that acts as the in-game currency. Players can also stake their NFTs to earn REVV.

F1 Delta Time has several features, including Grand Prix Mode where players can race, Time Trial mode to test your works and Time Trial Time where you can win the reward. The game also offers a workshop for players to equip their cars with parts and gear.

Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a virtual simulation game. This planet has 26 continents, and the basic elements are fire, earth, gold, water, wood, and silicon. Players can play with or against each other in activities such as construction, mining, scientific research, and PvP. So far, developers have built two continents: Atlantis (based on Ethereum) and Byzantine (based on Tron).

Players collect and breed Apostles with various talents determined by their genes. Some Apostles are rarer than others. Talent is increased through education, and there are many career options for the Apostles to choose from. Players can trade in-game assets such as lands and Apostles in the marketplace.

One of the game’s fungible tokens, KTON, provides holders with voting rights through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Players will also receive 70 percent of the game’s revenue.

Above are the top 4 hottest money-making NFT games in 2022 that we would like to introduce to you. I hope that you will always have moments of relaxation and entertainment while playing the game.



The best Car Racing Game on Blockchain with Free-to-Play and Play-To-Earn, towards Co-Create-To-Earn.

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Race Master

The best Car Racing Game on Blockchain with Free-to-Play and Play-To-Earn, towards Co-Create-To-Earn.