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Race Master
5 min readJan 12, 2022

Race Master is one of the first online car racing games built on a free-to-play, play-to-earn, and co-create-to-earn foundation. Using the advantages of Blockchain & GameFi technology, Race Master aims to bring the best experience for gamers and resolve existing problems of other games in the market.

Joining Race Master, you not only have the opportunity to experience fast-paced matches, own eye-catching design cars with ravishing interfaces, but also can search for attractive rewards, bringing you great rewards. high profits.

Users can also acquire NFT and $RAS assets by doing staking transactions, buying and selling cars, participating in game modes like pvp, pve, clan and marketplace.

Race Master offers players the opportunity to profit by exchanging NFT creations and participating in in-game features.

Staking $RAS

  • To create monetary incentives within the most committed within encouraging players, Race Master provides staking and lending features in the game.
  • We will assign a significant amount of tokens to stake rewards based on our staking and reward forecasts. This will encourage stakes to hold their tokens during the early stages of game development when several essential game elements are still developing. Staking will gradually reduce when new features are launched
  • When players purchase NFT from the system, they may allocate a percentage of the purchase price to a collateral pool connected with NFT. The user then has the option to sell it back to the system (i.e. destroy the NFT) for the locked collateral price (or a percentage of it). It ensures that the value of NFT cannot decrease below a specified level. This capability will also enable a user to take out a loan with NFT as collateral.

Renting Car

  • Renting Car:

There are two types of renting inside the Race Master Game.

  • Fixed Rental

NFT owners need to send your Car to the market at a stable price, such as 1.000 $RAS. Otherwise, if the renter wants to rent the car, they need to spend 1.000 $RAS, they will receive Car at a specific time, like 20 days. In this situation, when the renter accepts the agreement, the owner will receive 1.000 $RAS and cannot ‘get back’ Car in 20 days. This agreement will guarantee renters their benefits, which is called ‘Fixed Rental’.

  • Profit Share

In this scenario, owners have decided to rent these cars out for passive $RAS earnings. In Race Master, all they need to do is simply create the agreement by clicking “Rent” inside the Race Master’s dashboard, set the % profit split they wish to provide to the renter and hit “Rent”! After that, their car is placed onto the open “Rental Marketplace”, where anyone can accept the owner’s offer. After renting, the owner can review the profit from the renter every day. If the result is not as expected, they can completely get their car back and find someone else in the market willing to work harder.

Race Master applied this model to simplify and automate to reduce the workloads for owners. For example, you may hold 70 cars in their wallet and decide that you want to rent these cars out for passive $RAS, while you do not know any Renters. For that reason, Race Master will do it more simply by creating the agreement by clicking “Rent’’ inside the game dashboard. You can set the percentage of profit split they expect to provide to the Renters and click ‘Rent’. After this step, your car is placed on the open ‘Rental Marketplace’, where any players in-game can accept your offer.

Racing Road (Map)

  • Players will have to reach a certain level to open the Racing Roads. The higher Racing Road unlocked, the higher the reward for the winner.
  • In the future, players can buy Racing Road and earn money through the fees players have to pay when participating in the race.
  • Each Racing Road has a fuel level. If the car’s fuel is not greater than or equal to that, the car will not be able to participate in the race.


First, the treasury revenue comes from the transaction costs in the marketplace, which are usually 3–5% of the value of items traded in the game economy.

Next, the money to sell items for the first time on NFT games is also a big source of income. A portion of the first item sales will go to the budget.

In addition, NFT games all require newcomers to a certain amount of initial investment. If you don’t have to spend money to buy tokens, you will also pay with your time. Once you spend your car to start playing, you contribute a part to the overall game budget. In addition, the activities in the game are more or less needed to invest in “upgrading” to have better stats, items will cost more.


With the intention of closing the gap between P2E and F2P, Race Master has created a game full of diverse game modes to help players achieve maximum profits. Specifically: PvP, PvE, Clan and Tournament. The mechanics of the game will be decided based on the listed game modes. Race master does not have a default mechanic that applies to all game modes.

There are many exciting mechanics in Race Master, and there will be even more as we will keep updating & improving our beloved spirit child. We hope this article will help you understand how our game mechanics work and what rewards you will get from playing the game.



Race Master

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